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Internet Explorer 9
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Microsoft browser that lets you browse through the rows of classic set the different options (Security, privacy, ease of use).

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Security and privacy options new

Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and provides a large selection of suitable edge closer to allow the company;

In terms of privacy, InPrivate filtering (this allows you to browse your own) seems to be very important and allows you to open a session without keeping the pages you’ve visited in the history or reception. In addition, you can customize your privacy preferences to select the type of data you want to share on the Web;

Microsoft also is auditing security systems, and Internet Explorer 9 now offers us new tools such as protection from detection and filtration Strainers (which allow you to check the security certificate of the website you are visiting to avoid Undesirablepages).

Customize your Web browsing experience

Internet Explorer 9 is an opportunity for Microsoft to (finally) Incorporatea System tab in the browser. There is no longer need to open a new window for each of the different sites you visit and believe that this new feature is fresh air to Internet Explorer. Which is a shame, however, that this innovation has been for a long time (more than one competition tookthe) delivered!

However, it is a browser that offers some of the most interesting options. The language options can be customized to select a version to display the webpage. Easy if you traveled abroad or you are always looking for websites to display in a language other than Yourbrowser. You can also change the computer Search your Favorites, and you don’t necessarily need to use Bing as a basis.

Connect, Internet Explorer 9 Harbour and now offer more plugins to customize your browser. However, the difference types of connection, Internet Explorer Dontexpect always blame delays in other browsers such as Firefox! However, the performance of the new Centre offers a range of hotels which will be useful to review the use of the source, then you can note that links tend to slow down your grazing experience faster.

Browsers are always still far

Microsoft no doubt reviewed copies of the radical for Internet Explorer 9, such as privacy, Security and new connections (and welcome). There is a particular need to approach first, performance per cent, sure one-ups for the child;

But despite efforts by the developer, Internet Explorer 9 still lagging behind other competitors. Not as fast as Chrome, be more flexible Firefox or as “Asopera Light”, Microsofts browser ‘ was too light and too heavy to go to any speed actually. Internet Explorer 9 is the browser, but it is not close to the top of the genre.


Internet Explorer 9