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Internet Explorer 9
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The latest Microsoft browser allows you to browse through online to put many options (security, privacy, ease of use).

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New choices of security and privacy

Internet Explorer 9 is a new face and offers many options to help ITTO the edge closer to him;

In terms of privacy, impersonal characteristics (allowing you to browse incognito) is very popular and you will find open sessions without saving the page reviewing your history or the Acacias. It is now also possible to customize your privacy options to choose the kind of information you want to share with you in the areas of you;

The security also seems to be cleaned by Microsoft, and Internet Explorer 9 now gives us new tools such as the protection control of the SmartScreen filter (which allows you to check the security certificate of the site you are visiting to avoid Undesirablepages to check).

Customizing your browsing Experience

Internet Explorer 9 has the option of Microsoft (finally) included in the system tabs in the browser. It is no longer necessary to open a new window for every different website visits, and believe us, the new feature is really a breath of fresh breeze in Internet Explorer. It’s a shame, but this innovation has lasted a long time (longer than competing tookhe) for use!

However, it is a browser that offers interesting options. You can change the language settings to choose which versions to display on the Internet. Useful when traveling abroad or if you want to always display Web pages in a language other than your browser. You also change the search engine optionsto see Select your favorite, and we don’t have to use Bing as default.

In Terms of expansion, Internet Explorer 9 also create and now offer more additional plug-ins to customize your browser. However, with several dontexpect expansion, Internet Explorer always blames the lag on other browsers like Firefox! However, the new expansion performance facility provides a variety of benefits by using resources to quickly detect plug-ins that are likely to slow down your browsing experience.

Regular browser is still far to go

There is no doubt that Microsoft has a lot of its copy for Internet Explorer 9, the new option (and welcome) to review privacy, security and domain. Cited should go for centerforextensions performance, which is the obvious one for makeup on it;

But despite the developer’s efforts, Internet Explorer 9 still toofar behind its main rivals. Nowhere near as versatile chrome as fast as Firefox or Asopera light, Microsoftts browser has a very light expansion and very difficult to get a real dynamic. Internet Explorer 9 is a decentbrowser, but nowhere near the top of the genre.


Internet Explorer 9